It Started with a Nightmare!

It was a nightmare.

A Woman project manager hired by a big investment firm to convert a turn of the century schoolhouse into a B&B. Only problem was, it was infested by dark spirits and mischievous imps and goat men.

I awoke with a start, my heart thudding wildly from the scare of my dream. In an attempt to get it out of my head, I wrote it all down but the more I wrote the more real it became, until I had the basis of If I Fall…(originally titled Fall).

Just so you know, I dislike all things horror such as movies, books, people… but this story had a grip on me that wouldn’t let go. It kept at me for a long time and over the course of 15 years, I wrote the story of the nightmare.¬† I thought it was interesting and decided to post it for free on Smashwords a few years ago and to my surprise, within 4 weeks, it had been downloaded nearly 4,000 times. That’s when it hit me that I might have something worth pursuing.

When I started out writing the Angelore Saga, I originally set it in Maine. I got 10 chapters into the first book when I realized that I couldn’t convincingly write about Maine because I had never been there. First rule of writing – write what you know.

Deciding to bring the setting of the story to Utah, I pulled out a map of the state, closed my eyes, and threw a dart (so to speak). The town I picked at random happened to be Torrey, Utah – population about 175. When I started researching the town, I discovered (to my astonishment) that it already had a-turn-of-the-last-century schoolhouse that had been recently renovated into a B&B.

When I contacted the owner of the B&B, I was delighted to learn that she was willing to share her stories of converting the beautiful building into what is now a gorgeous modern B&B. All of the construction related stories depicted in the book are true (except for the handsome demo guy finding the mysterious box behind a wall). Also, the events, such as the Apple Days parade and festivities as well as the places such as the General Store and Cafe Diablo are also true.

I’ve spent many days in and around Torrey exploring and it’s become one of my most favorite places on the planet.


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