Behind the Scenes of the AngeLore Saga

The Angelore Saga has evolved since I had the dream that started it all in 1997 – 20 years ago!

From dream to a series of books that follows the lives of Julia Dayle Halstead and her friends, Angelore takes the reader through exciting stories of romance, danger, mystery, and intrigue.

Set in the Author’s beloved home state of Utah, Angelore’s settings include the internationally known Capital City of Salt Lake City and Torrey, Utah (population 178).

Cast of Characters

Julia Dayle (JD) Halstead is a headstrong, impulsive young woman who wants to prove herself to her grandfather who raised her from infancy.  As a construction Project Manager, JD is given the task of converting a turn-of-last-century schoolhouse into a B&B in the small tourist town of Torrey, Utah.  She has no idea that she’s about to uncover something beyond her wildest nightmares.

Matthew Rigo is a brooding, mysterious demolition contractor hired by JD to demolish and clean out the interior of the schoolhouse.  Matthew knows a secret about the Schoolhouse that he is hiding from JD, but he needs her to uncover it.

Nathan Parker’s intentions confuse JD and if he’s out to help or hinder her, she’s about to find out the truth about him.

Meagan Parker, JD’s new best friend and Nathan’s sister-in-law, an angelic loving mother of 4 special little boys that JD soon learns are more than what they appear to be.

Roy Parker, a descendant of the famous outlaw, Butch Cassidy, aka, Leroy Parker and Meagan’s husband. As Sheriff of Wayne Country, Roy does more than just give out speeding tickets and keep tourists in line – his jurisdiction includes the realm of the paranormal.

Liu , a diminutive Asian woman and the local store keeper that has the uncanny ability of seeing and knowing things beyond the obvious.

Missy, JD’s roommate and friend from LA, who has the unfortunate ability to attract unsavory friends, especially the paranormal kind.

Enter the world of the Angelore Saga to follow the stories that unfold in unexpected ways!



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