Where do all the nightmares go…

The supernatural world intrigues me.  The lores, myths, and legends that attempt to explain everything from the origins of our world to the reasons why we love and hate fascinate me.

From hobbits, elves, dragons, warlocks, and unicorns, to elephant gods, cat goddesses, many armed blue gods, angels, demons, imps, faeries and all the other creatures that inhabit our space and time whether in reality or not…I believe all have a basis in truth.

I believe our human minds have distorted, corrupted and exaggerated the truth because in our lower “fallen” state, its hard to comprehend the great universal truth.  So we break it into tiny pieces to make it fit our small-minded comprehension.

Some of us see bits of truth here and there and work to put the pieces together, forming just one small facet of the humongous shining pure jewel of truth.  As we assemble  pieces of truth, we gain understanding about ourselves and the world around us in the reflection of this facet of truth.

But, like the parable of the blind men and the Elephant, until we have assembled all the facets of the Jewell of Truth, we are still ignorant of the whole truth.  I think it’s good for truth seekers to congregate to discuss their experiences in finding truth.  I believe churches and religious organizations serve as a special place that allows the assembly of truth seekers to help each other piece together the truth; each person bringing their truth-piece to add to others.

When I began writing the Angelore Saga, I knew so little.  My life was very sheltered as compared to what it is now.  The story was based on a nightmare I had in 1997 when I was a full-time college student studying Drafting Technology.  It was a nightmare filled with all my fears of inadequacies and weaknesses and fears.  I wrote it down to make sense of it, and in doing so relived it.  I hated it. It scared me.  I wrote it anyway discerning some truth in. It was a dream about a truth, or rather, a tiny piece of truth that over the years I have added to until I have assembled many facets of truths in building the Angelore Saga.

I’ve learned a lot about humankind’s ideas of angels and demons as I’ve researched the material for the Angelore Saga.  Some of it I can’t make sense of yet, but from the gains in knowledge I have made, it becomes material to use in the stories.

The main character, JD, experiences falling in love for the first time.  Her love story with Matthew, the bad boy, strikes a chord with some women who also have felt an attraction to that type of man.  But why?  What is it within us as women that we are so attracted to that darkness?  I am reminded of the last Star Wars Movie: The Last Jedi where Supreme Leader Snoke says “Darkness rises and light to meet it. I warned my young apprentice that as he grew stronger, his equal in the light would rise.” Is there truth to that? Do we women sense the dark struggle in some men and want to instinctively unite with that to bring balance with our light?

Or what of Megan and her four “different” children?  What made her choose Roy knowing the truth about him and the children they would have? As women, do we consciously make good choices in the men we pick to be the father we want for our children?

And Stacey, what happened to her and why would she abandon her baby? What is the difference between young unwed mothers who keep their babies and those who give them up?  Are the children really better off physically with an adopted family, or would they have been better off emotionally with their birth mothers?

So many stories inside the story that need to be explored and understood and I’ve just scratched the surface.  These questions never occurred to me until long after I had written the book and now I feel like I need to go down all the side paths and explore them to their ends.

I honestly don’t know how the stories will end.  I’m one of those writer’s that let their characters tell the story.  I just go with it, which is probably why I love writing. So many adventures in my head to explore.

I hope you’ll join me in the Angelore Saga and let me know what you think and the truths you discover to add to your facet of the truth.

You can buy the books on Amazon here.



photo credit: Rusty Russ Sands of Time via photopin (license)


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