FALL: Book I of the AngeLore Saga – Excerpt

A teaser excerpt from the opening scene in FALL.

They hadn’t taken more than a few steps when a figure in black stepped out of the shadows of the surrounding trees unexpectedly – a shiny long barreled gun pointed at them.  Nathan didn’t hesitate for a second and moved for his gun, a decision he later regretted, but he knew they were dead anyway.  He had hardly grabbed his own gun when the loud bang shattered the silence of the otherwise quiet summer afternoon.

Nathan felt the stinging bite of the bullet pierce his left side, punching him backward. He landed on his side, striking his head on the ground.

“Nathan,” Matthew cried out, darting to his brother’s side.  Another gunshot and Matthew went down as well.  Nathan gasped, and rolled onto his back twisting his head to look for Matthew.  Matthew was on his stomach looking at him with eyes glazed, and blood pooling beneath him. Nathan gritted his teeth as he felt his own life seeping from him.

“May the wolves enjoy your bones,” a woman’s husky voice crawled over the widening void between life and death.  Nathan looked again at the figure in black and saw that indeed, it was a woman who had shot him.  She had pushed back her hood to reveal long white hair and black on black eyes.

Nathan felt cold terror shoot through him as he realized she wasn’t human. She moved unnaturally, like she was gliding across ice. She was encased from throat to ankle in black clothing.  Her long black cloak hung limply in the air about her, though the wind whispered through the surrounding foliage.

“Who are you?” he choked through the blood bubbling up from his pierced lung.

The woman came closer suddenly, as if swept there by a strong gust of wind. “You picked the wrong stagecoach to rob,” she said and reached for the bag where Nathan had dropped it.  She unfastened the strap, opened the bag, and withdrew a short, fat, golden cylinder capped on one end.  Nathan thought it looked like a fountain pen.  She looked at Nathan without any expression.

“Pity,” she whispered. “You may have been useful had you not angered her.” The woman raised her gun and aimed it at Nathan.

He drew in a deep shuddering breath and felt it burn his lungs so badly it made his eyes tear.  He closed his eyes and waited for the sound of the gun to go off.

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