Excerpt from Darks – Book 2 of the AngeLore Series

Without giving away the plot or revealing any spoilers… here is an excerpt from the 2nd book of the AngeLore Series: Darks.  I have to say, that writing Darks was scarier than writing the few “dark” chapters in FallDarks, of course, addresses the side of Fall that was only hinted at. A bunch of new characters are introduced to better show how things work in this world of Good vs. Evil.  But you just don’t know which is which sometimes….

Chapter 3

“No admittance,” a tall and slender angelic guard stated firmly, emphasizing his words with the thrust of his hand towards Nathan’s chest to block his forward movement.

Nathan glanced over at the other guard standing watch at the opposite side of the gate.  Both guards wore similar impassive expressions, and similar perfectness in their form and features; pre-mortals who had yet to experience mortal life. At first glance, they appeared to be identical; intelligences that inhabited energy bodies undefined by mortal experience. Nathan scowled at them. He had little patience for souls who had never tasted mortal life.

Matthew’s roars were much louder this close to the holding cells.  Nathan could detect cries and shouts from other prisoners echoing their displeasure – either from being imprisoned or being forced to listen to Matthew’s rage.  He wasn’t sure.

“My brother is in there,” Nathan said firmly, refusing to back away.  “I need to see him.”

The first guard remained unmoved.  “No admittance,” he restated firmly as he lowered his hand, and then stared off into the space above Nathan’s head.

Nathan struggled to maintain his composure as he glanced from one guard to the other. “Pre-mortals,” Nathan said in disgust.  He turned on his heel.  He’d get no sympathy from them.  Yehala, Ruling Principle of Enosha it’s assigned territory of Utah, was his only hope to get to Matthew now.

Halfway to Yehala’s office, Nathan heard his name called.  Glancing to his left down an intersecting corridor, he spotted Roy, his closest friend and earth-side brother in arms, jogging towards him.

Being Nephilim and an ally of the Host, Roy had apprehended enough Darks over the course of his hundred plus years as a Watcher, to prove his worth and loyalty to be able to enter the Host city.

“Been to see Matthew?’ Roy asked, falling in beside him as he headed to

“I wasn’t permitted to see him,” Nathan said angrily. “I could hear him hollering beyond the closed doors.”

Roy shook his head and said, “Quabin still has too much influence over him.  He won’t be reasonable for a while.”  Nathan had to agree, remembering how many of the Host it had taken to apprehend Matthew after Julia had wounded him.

Even then, Matthew had put up a considerable fight as he was transported to the Prison Hall.  It would take some time for Quabin’s influence to wear off before the Purifiers would be able to get close enough to Matthew to cleanse him of the False god’s taint. That is, if Matthew had regained enough of his own senses to even allow their help.

Nathan hoped that somewhere beneath the hulking demon-skin encasement, the real Matthew he knew and loved was inside fighting to come out.   If only he could get in to see Matthew so he could talk his brother out.  If he failed, he was sure the Purifier’s would fail and would have no choice but to turn him over to the Warden and be locked away till Judgment Day.  If that happened, then Matthew would probably have no chance at all to redeem himself. Ever.

Nathan quickened his pace. “I’m not going to give up on him.”

“Wouldn’t expect you to,” Roy answered. “But maybe you’d be more help to him by capturing Quabin first.”

“Like finding a needle in a haystack,” Nathan retorted.

“She’s been spotted just outside of Torrey near Pectol’s Pyramid.”  Roy stated, and took Nathan’s arm, pulling him to a stop. “We can strike now before she grows any stronger.”

Nathan considered his words, but only for a moment. “No.” he said quickly.  “I have to help Matthew first.”  He turned to leave, but Roy held on tight to his arm, “Matt can wait.  Quabin is growing stronger by the day.  Torrey and all the surrounding areas are in danger.  Quabin is pulling in Darks from as far away as California!”

Nathan jerked his arm out of Roy’s grasp.  “She’s not going anywhere, and her brood of weaklings is nothing that we can’t handle.  We practically decimated most of her force just yesterday.  It can wait a few more days until I get my brother back from her evil.  Matthew needs my help now.  I won’t abandon him.  You don’t abandon your brother,” Nathan said with enough emotion that he could feel tears threaten to close off his throat.  He turned and, without waiting for Roy’s response, strode down the hallway more determined than ever to get his brother out of incarceration.

“What about Julia?”  Roy called after him. The mention of her name stopped Nathan.  Why would Roy question him about Julia? She was safe for now, especially now that she was living in the Bed and Breakfast as its new manager. A place that Nathan himself had cleansed and dedicated as a Sanctuary. Besides, even though Nephilims were not granted Guardian Angels, Julia had one in her Grandfather, although it wasn’t clear for how long he would be able to stay with her. But perhaps Roy knew something that he didn’t.

“What about Julia?’ Nathan turned sideways to look at Roy.


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