The Forgotten Laws of Success: Loyalty

How two people come together and what they do during their time with each other is fascinating on many levels.  It has been said that falling in love is the beginning of all wisdom and if we consider the choices that are made within the realm of a relationship that lead to growth and understanding, we see that this is true.

No matter the spark that ignited attraction; a glance, a scent, a word, a touch – it is powerful enough to bring two different worlds into orbit with each other; sometimes for a brief moment, sometimes for eternity, but whatever it is that triggers that orbital dance, it’s the series of choices that follow which determine the success of the relationship.

All choices offered us in a lifetime are based on Universal Laws; we cannot escape them.  Tell your lover a lie, and the law of Honesty is broken and the resulting consequence manifests in distrust.  Repairing the broken law is difficult.  There are many unspoken laws between two people connected in a relationship, that it can stagger the soul to contemplate them all and how to apply them correctly in the building of a lasting and sustainable relationship.

But here is a simple thing that Christ himself shared with us over 2,000 years ago and if we but remember this, all the other Laws will fall into place in our lives and we will enjoy the blessings of rich and rewarding relationships.  This law, which Christ gave, is the Law of Love; simply – Love God and Others.  Love is a simple word, yet it is a multi-faceted, multi-colored gem of an expression that encompasses so much more that what the sound of the word makes as you give utterance to it in the presence of a loved one.  There are many words to describe what love is and one of them is Loyalty.

In 2013, a survey was given to Americans 16 years and older.  When asked to list the qualities that they look for in a friend, 81 % of the respondents replied that Loyalty was the number one quality desired most in a friend.

Loyalty, symbolized perfectly by the Sunflower who follows the course of the sun across the sky from morning till night, is defined as being constant and faithful in any relationship; that which implies trust and confidence. If we are loyal, most will overlook our weaknesses, but the moment we show disloyalty, we are not so easily forgiven.

To be disloyal is to be false and untrustworthy. We lose valuable friendships and privileges when we are disloyal to those who put their love and trust in us. Regaining that trust for someone who betrayed us, is a long and difficult road to endure and requires the disloyal one to humble him/herself to the point of shame and grief for the act.  Unfortunately, not many are willing to go through that to regain their friends, and thus, they never learn what it means to be loyal; they never appreciate the value of loyalty for they never had to fight to regain it once lost.

They that run and hide from those they were disloyal to, do themselves a disfavor; for they fear facing the consequences of their wrong choice.  That fear keeps most people from paying the price of regaining trust. It is easier to quietly slip away and pretend the act of disloyalty never happened, than to step forward and accept the responsibility of the hurt they caused and work to make amends.

However, banishing the memory of the disloyal act is impossible.  Benedict Arnold is remembered more for his treachery, than for the many acts of heroism he displayed during the Revolutionary War as a fearless General.

Loyalty is not a gift; it is an accomplishment. A personality imbued with the quality of Loyalty inspires trust and confidence with those they associate with.  Leaders whose example of loyalty to their country, friends, family and home, inspire loyalty in others. In the absence of Loyalty, there is no Spiritual Progression. An act of disloyalty can eliminate a person from the privileged sphere of confident association with his/her friends and family.  To regain that loyalty is an incredibly difficult battle to win, but once won, the victor will surely and deeply understand the power and blessings of the Law of Loyalty.

Remember the sunflower and always be loyal.

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