The Law of the Vikings

It was the fierce, biting cold winds of the north that made the Vikings great.  It is not the calm seas that makes a skillful sailor; nor is it the path of least resistance that builds strength and courage.

The greatest mountains in the world never promise an easy trail to their peaks.  Yet, endless serene vistas call to those who yearn to experience more; to have more; to be more and are willing to endure hardship to behold the grandeur from the summit of their accomplishments.

Often the path to success is littered with the abandoned dreams and hopes of those who gave up too soon after encountering a seemingly overwhelming obstacle; an obstacle that may have been exactly what they needed to overcome in order to reach a level of success they never imagined possible.

Success in life and love is fraught with challenges, big and small, but if we endure, the rewards are far beyond what we could possibly ever imagine.

What are you facing that seems so hard to overcome?  What if you just gave it one more try? What if you decided, right now, to not give up on your dreams and just go for it?  What if you decided to find another way, talk to one more person; make one more phone call; work on your marriage; reach out to your wayward child; conquer your addiction; One. More. Time?

It’s okay to fall, but don’t lay there too long; that’s disgraceful.

Pick yourself up, and dust yourself off; get your bearings, and go at it again, and again, and again.  This is how winning is done; this is how you get what you want; this is how you are made great.

Whatever you do, be great.

Like the Vikings.

Don’t You Dare Quit.

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