When a Personal Trainer Needs Help

Getting Back My Good Health

As I shared in a previous post, I’ve been working on improving several aspects of my life – one of the biggest challenges I’m working on is improving my health and changing my lifestyle so I don’t have a repeat having to suffer through another bout of debilitating and severe anemia that has plagued me for two years in a row now.

Because of the severe anemia I was battling, I turned to comfort food to cope with the assorted symptoms associated with the illness, such as: anxiety, depression, fatigue, grief, losing my hair, sleep issues, and more. In turning to food to combat the negative feelings I was experiencing, I packed on 30 pounds which only created more issues for me such as: reflux, more sleep issues, hormone disruption, achy joints, sore feet, lowered esteem, more depression, more anxiety, more fatigue, lost flexibility, and not being able to fit into my clothes anymore!

It was a vicious cycle!

And the root of the problem was in my own head – believing that food was the answer to making me feel better so I could cope with the anemia and endure while my body was working to restore itself to good health with the help of doctors, iron supplements, and improved diet.

Sometimes You Need a Project Manager

About 2 months ago, I decided I was done with the stupid pity party I was throwing for myself everyday, and that if I wanted things to change, I was the one who would be 100% responsible for it.  I put my Project Manager pants on and got to work (see previous post).  The skills I gained over the years as a project manager helped get me on the road to putting my life together.  I have no idea why I never thought to use those skills in my personal life before, but now that I am, I’m using those skills to improve all sorts of things about myself and my life.  I’m loving it!!!

And Sometimes You Need a Personal Trainer

About a month ago, a friend of mine, Nate Pond, invited me to see the new space he was looking at to set up his new gym.  The location of his gym is in a rather unique place and the concept behind the gym is also unique.  Set inside one of the rooms of a historic building in downtown Lehi, Utah. Nate has taken health and fitness to a whole new level with a very unique program he has developed.

And Sometimes You Need a Mental Health Counselor

Nate is a licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Certified Personal Trainer.  With this background, Nate has developed a program to accelerate a person’s ability to obtain improved health and well-being through a combination of personal training and counseling.  Talk about getting the mind and body to work together!  Nate sparked my enthusiasm for his work and the next thing I knew, we were business partners.

And Sometimes You Need All Three and a Buddy!

Nate has developed a 6-month Body Makeover Program that is based on scientific evidence and research.  I’m going to take the program for a test run and I’ve recruited my friend, Ruth, to join me (that’s part of the program – you need a supportive buddy).

It’s ironic to me that after being a personal trainer myself for several years, that I would have to turn to another personal trainer to help get me healthy again.

It just goes to show that when you fall, even though you may know what you need to do to get back up, sometimes you can’t and you need someone to give you a hand up. We all need each other in one way or another.

Check out Nate’s Program here and give him a call for more information.

Till next time,  Here’s to your success!

Jennifer Christy

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