Chocolate Review of Divine’s Ginger and Orange Dark Chocolate

Talofa Lava,

For today’s review of Chocolate from around the world, I’d like to introduce you to Divine’s Chocolate.

Divine is a German Company that purchases it’s cocoa from a cocoa bean farmer’s co-op in Ghana.  The cocoa farmer’s co-op own 44% of the chocolate company and was able to break into the highly competitive chocolate market of Europe in 1998 and then the United States on Valentine’s Day (February 14th) in 2007.

Divine’s packaging was eye-catching with its black background, raised gold metallic lettering and interesting and meaningful African symbols.

The chocolate itself boasted a strong and rich roasted flavor and had a wonderful balance blend of ginger and orange, notes that weren’t overpowering or sharp.  It was like a symphony of well-balanced and robust flavor that tasted, well, Divine!

I gave Divine’s Dark Chocolate with Ginger and Orange a solid 4 Cocoa Beans and it’s packaging 3.5 Stars.

For my full video review, watch it here

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