The Tools of Creation for Success

Success Laws are simply Tools of Creation to help you create the kind of life you want. Whatever your aim in life is, I promise you, that by living/breaking the Laws of Success or using/not using the Tools of Creation, you will have the life you want (whether for good or bad).   I know this from my own personal life experiences and studying the works and lives of “successful” people.

I have been studying and experimenting with the Laws of Success/Tools of Creation for a little over 25 years and have discovered over 50 different Laws/Tools that will produce “successful or unsuccessful” results depending on your practice.

Definition of Success

Everyone would rather be “Successful” in life and enjoy the good things that success brings with it. But, let’s be clear about the definition of “success”. The definition of success is the attainment or accomplishment of one’s aims, goals or purpose. It can also mean achieving prosperity, but “prosperity” is an individual definition.

To one person, prosperity means having just their needs met as they choose to live simply.

To another, prosperity is having overflowing abundance in material wealth, and yet another defines prosperity in having a happy family.

One’s definition of “success” or “prosperity” is as unique as the person who is seeking it.

The Teachers of Success Laws Aren’t Necessarily Successful Themselves and This is Why….

A lot of people will look to big name entertainers and celebrities and tout them as being examples of success. Sure, these celebrities are successful in one area of their life, but what about their personal life? What about the relationships they have with their family and spouse?


Tony Robbins may be a big name motivational speaker who teaches success principles, but his personal life included a divorce and remarriage.

Wayne Dyer, a psychologist turned philosopher and author was married three times and sued for plagiarism.

Les Brown married and divorced in less than 2 years, yet somehow has 10 children (the internet is strangely silent on where these children came from).

These are men with great messages about success but struggled to prove their ability of implementing their own success messages in their personal lives.

So what?

Just because they failed in finding success in ALL areas of their lives, doesn’t make the Laws of Success or Tools of Creation invalid, it just proves that these guys didn’t know how to use the success laws/tools in all areas of their lives.

That’s normal. No one is perfect.

Balancing Success in All Areas of Life

I believe true success is having a balance of success in all four major areas of life and they are:

  1. Work
  2. Health
  3. Relationships
  4. Spirituality

If you become super successful in one area of your life, without putting time and energy in creating a balancing level of success in the other areas of your life, you’re going to create havoc in the other areas of your life. You have to know which tool to use in which area of life you want to create success.  It’s a hands-on experience and you need to be brave to experiment with these tools if you expect to achieve real and balanced success in your life.

Where are the Tools of Creation?

If I could open my own Success Tool Store and equip people with success tools, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I love to help people attain success/happiness in all areas of their lives. Do I know how to use ALL the success tools in ALL areas of my own life? Nope! I would have to be Jesus in order to claim that accomplishment.

I’ve gotten pretty good at some of the success tools, those that were important to me to apply in some areas of my life, but I am clumsy with a lot of them – especially in applying these tools to relationships. Like Edison, I know 10,000 ways how NOT to create a happy marriage. One day, I will figure it out and when I do, it’ll be like the proverbial light bulb turning on.

Nonetheless, tools are tools and in the hands of someone who makes it a daily practice to use them in whatever area of life that they want to succeed in – watch out! That person will be able to do amazing things! Practice makes perfect!

I can tell you what I have learned about these tools and how they should be used (based on years of research and studying the lives of “successful” people), but the actual application of the tool is on you. It’s your job to take the information and practice using the tools of creation to create the life you always wanted. That is the hard part.

I’m blessed with a lot of determination and with my project management experience and training, I’m dedicated in learning the details of how these tools work and using them to improve all four areas of my life, starting with my health.

Using Tools of Creation to Create Good Health

Right now, I’m currently using the success tools to lose the weight I gained earlier this year when I was severely ill with anemia. I’m pretty good at these “weight loss” tools as I’ve used them the past after the birth of my babies and a divorce.

I will happily share these Tools with you if you’d like to join me on my weight loss journey. Be forewarned though, this isn’t a quick weight loss plan. This weight loss project has certain requirements to lose the weight in a healthy way and maintain the healthy weight you will achieve. The requirements are that you simply apply the tools of success I will teach you about (These are the same tools that will help you find success in your professional life as well).

How long will it take? As long as needed. I only have about 30 lbs. to lose. You may have more or less, but losing the weight is the easy part. The hard part is changing your lifestyle to keep that weight off. It takes daily practice of living the Success Laws, or using the Tools of Creation, to accomplish this. But don’t get discouraged. Little changes over time add up to big results later. If all you did was stop your daily soda habit you could lose up to 12 pounds in a years’ time. That’s easy, isn’t it?

You’re in the process of creating the life you want and that involves change. A caterpillar doesn’t become a butterfly simply by wish it. It must work and endure change to get there. A lot of people are really scared of change, but I will address this topic later.

Success doesn’t have to be hard, but you do get out of it what you put into it. Use the right tools the right way, and you’ll be astounded at your success – in ALL areas of your life.

What are the Tools of Creation?

In closing, I’m going to give you a partial list of some of the tools of success I will be covering in this blog:

The Law/Tool of:

  1. Health
  2. Modification
  3. Hurdle
  4. Self-Esteem
  5. Love
  6. Objective
  7. Probability
  8. Accurate Thinking
  9. Self-Deception
  10. Enthusiasm
  11. Self-Control
  12. Courage
  13. Fear
  14. Example
  15. Boomerang
  16. Advantage

And many more. Like I said, I have identified over 50 Laws/Tools. I’m excited to share them with you!

Till next time…

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