Chocolate Review of Chocolove’s Milk Chocolate

Talofa Lava,

Today I sampled Chocolove’s Milk Chocolate.  I’m already a fan of their dark chocolate, but I have never ventured into their milk chocolate offerings until now.  I’m not a fan of milk chocolate as it’s really just perfectly good chocolate that was diluted with milk.  Nonetheless, to be fair to all chocolate regardless of it’s milk content, I decided to give it a try.

First off, the packaging.  I love the packaging as it reminds me of a love letter one would receive from a far-off country.  Inside the outer wrapping is a love poem.  Each chocolate bar comes with it’s own love poem.  I love poetry and having this a part of the package deal, makes the enjoyment of the chocolate all the more special.

When I opened the package, I could smell a faint hint of the roasted bean and when I bit into it, it tasted just like any other milk chocolate, except for it was creamier.  However, there were notes of a darker chocolate and the aftertaste was quite nice – it didn’t have that cloying milky aftertaste that I find repulsive in other milk chocolate brands.

You can watch my review video here.

Overall, I give Chocolove’s Milk Chocolate 4 out of 5 Cocoa Beans.

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