2018 will end better than it started!

While hiking up Rock Canyon, my workout partner, Ruth and I were talking about some of the things we want to do when we get in shape. We decided that we really wanted to do a….


We figure it will probably take us both a year to get ready for a Sprint Triathlon (the much abbreviated version of a regular triathlon) but the idea sounds very doable to the both of us.

Our success depends on losing the weight, building muscle, increasing endurance levels and of course, for me especially, get my hemoglobin levels up with proper diet and stress management (anemia literally sucks the energy out of you!).

When we told our trainer, Nathan Pond, what our goal was, he smiled and nodded and said that was a great goal and we could do it. Having someone assure us that we can achieve this HUGE goal, is so motivational. If Nathan Pond believes we can accomplish our goal – his encouragement just adds to our already established desire and belief that we can do it. The more people that cheer us on, the more likely we’ll be able to endure the time and training it takes to run/swim/bike a Triathlon.

This is one of the reasons I personally love having Nathan Pond as my personal trainer. Not only is Nathan a certified Personal Trainer, but a military vet, an athlete and a mental health therapist.

After the year I’ve had so far – I need some extra encouragement and mental support as I deal with the heartbreaking end to my marriage and recovering from the effects of anemia. 2018 is going to end better than it started.

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