Who Shall be my Teacher?

Yesterday, I decided to reawaken the artist in me that was ‘murdered’ by a cruel Art Professor I had in college 20 some odd years ago.  I had decided that art brought me joy and I was going to be an artist somehow some way – regardless of the cruel words that man said about my art.

Obviously, if one wants to learn something, one ought to find herself a teacher.  But, I had a bad experience with a teacher.  I know.  It was only one teacher, but he really hurt me and I am not willing to trust my sensitive feelings to another any time soon.

So, I’m going to do this on my own and see what happens.  I do have some favorite artists that inspired me when I was younger.  One of them is Don Blanding.  He was Hawaii’s Poet Lauret, an artist and journalist.

I first discovered Mr. Blanding’s works in a set of books my Grandmother had tucked away in a cardboard box in her garage.  I was more intrigued with his artwork than his poems.  I eventually inherited those books and treasured them dearly – looking through them many times over and using them as inspiration for my art.  I never actually took the time to read his poems until my mid-teens.  Unfortunately, while a freshman at  University in Hawaii, I lost those books.  I think they were stolen.  What I wouldn’t give for another set of his books.

I just absolutely and positively love, love, love, his artwork.  He died before I was born. Shame. I would love to have met him.  His artwork inspired me.  His poems took me to another world.

I used to draw people’s profiles based on his style (see below).  I got really good at it and sold several original drawings to friends and co-workers.  I don’t know why I didn’t keep up with it.  Perhaps, because I considered my work like silly doodles as compared to Don Blanding’s genius with detail and style.


Anyway.  Last night, I went to my stash of art supplies.  I have an affinity for art supplies; art paper, colored pencils, ink, pens, marker, etc.  I collect the art supplies and then don’t use them. But yesterday, I pulled out my stash and took inventory.  Then organized papers and pens and pencils and markers…getting ready to make some art!

Tonight, I’m going to try my hand at some Dan Blanding styled art work.  I need a profile.  Maybe my own will do.

I don’t know what I’m doing.

Wish me luck!


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