Where Divine is Hidden

An old Hindu legend tells of a time when all people on earth were gods, but they became wicked and abusive with the Divine power they had been given. So, Brahma, the god of all gods, decided that the godhead should be taken away from the people and hid some place where it could never be found again and abused.

“We will bury it in the earth,” the lesser gods suggested.

“No,” Brahma said, “because the people can dig down in the earth and find it.”

“We will sink it into the deepest ocean,” the other gods offered.

“No,” said Brahma, ” because they will learn to dive and find it there too.”

“We will hide it on the tallest peak of the tallest mountain,” the other gods said.

“No,” Brahma said, “because people will one day climb every mountain and retrieve the godhead again.”

Frustrated, the other gods said, “then we know not where to hide the godhead so they may never find it.”

“I will tell you where you must hide it,” Brahma revealed.

“Tell us and we will hide it immediately,” the other gods proclaimed.

“You must hide it where they will never think to look,” said Brahma. “You must hide it deep within themselves.”

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